Nikola Kovačević

Hello. I’m Nikola and I'm an experienced software architect. I’m motivated by big problems, and if you’ve got some, I can help solve them.
Nikola Kovacevic

Hello World

I consider myself a problem solver, and an active thinker. Most of my time I am defining, designing, and implementing highly secure, highly available applications in cloud environments. I have been organizing the build process, getting user and customer feedback, and connecting the pieces into magnificent software solutions.

I love working with people to do things bigger than I could accomplish alone. Currently, I am working with Movilitas as Managing Officer | Principal Software Architect. I am training and leading an amazing team of developers on a very successful SaaS solution for the supply chain domain Movilitas.Cloud. I’m passionate, expressive, a multi-talented developer with a natural ability to entertain and inspire.

Together with my colleagues I started a side project Inquisitor. Inquisitor is designed to provide businesses with power of understanding and quantifying software development processes. By converting data from Atlassian Jira it outputs billable hours and quantifies data per developer. We started this project to fit our business needs, and to help us plan sprints with ease.

If you are interested in learning more about me professionally you can view my resume. (~ 55KB)